Stitches . Curated by Sinead Finnerty-Pyne . 11Apr – 06Jun 2010

piano loom, Tchaikovsky’s cocoon . 10apr10 site-specific work by Nuttaphol Ma

The Armory Center for the Arts
145 North Raymond Avenue . Pasadena . CA 91103


Stitches . Curated by Sinead Finnerty-Pyne
Jane Brucker, Lauren DiCioccio, Elisabeth Higgins O’Connor, Ruby Osorio, Titus Kaphar, Nuttaphol Ma, Ulrike Palmbach, Maria E. Pineres, Dinh Q. Le, Jim Richards, Elias Sime, and Nicola Vruwink

Stitches highlights the visions and practices of twelve culturally diverse artists working with principles and applications inspired by craft, textile, and fiber art. The exhibiting artists share an unconventional approach to these versatile and often obsessive art forms by creating process and material-based works utilizing substances ranging from yarn and thread, to found objects and recycled clothing.

11 Apr – 06 Jun 2010
Reception .  Saturday 10 Apr 7p-9p

Gallery Hours . Tueday – Sunday noon-5p
Tel:  (626) 792-5101


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This Land Is Your Land . 24sep-20nov . Opening Reception Thu 24sep 5p-8p . Lenzner Gallery . Pitzer College

Picture 16

Lenzner Family Art Gallery, Pitzer Art Galleries
Pitzer College . Atherton Hall
1050 North Mills Avenue . Claremont  CA 91711


Artist-in-Resident . Emerging Artist Series No.3

Nuttaphol Ma
This Land Is Your Land

In the third installment of Pitzer’s Emerging Artist Series, Thai-born, Los Angeles based artist Nuttaphol Ma combines references to Manzanar—an abandoned Japanese relocation camp at the base of California’s Sierra Nevada mountain range—with Woody Guthrie’s missing lyrics from “This Land Is Your Land.” Ma’s site-specific installation explores issues of displacement, migration and survival and asks whether “This Land Is Your Land” is still relevant to today’s new immigrants.

This Land is Your Land is co-organized with the 18th Street Arts Center, Santa Monica.

24 sep – 20 nov 2009
reception . Thu 24 sep 5p-8p

Hours . Tue – Fri noon-5p . or by appointment
Tel . 909.607.3143

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Greater Los Angeles MFA Exhibition . 31aug – 09sep . opening reception 06sep 4p-9p . California State University Long Beach Art Galleries

longing and not BE longing 06sep09 . Nuttaphol Ma (MFA09 Claremont Graduate University)

California State University, Long Beach Art Gallery
1250 Bellflower Blvd.
Long Beach, CA 90840-0106


2009 GLAMFA, Greater Los LA Master of Fine Arts Exhibition

GLAMFA 2009 will occupy five CSULB art department galleries and two project spaces with more than 60 works in a diverse range of mediums. Now in its fifth year, GLAMFA has become a tradition for MFAs, encouraging dialogue amongst and building a sense of community between an emerging generation of LA artists and its public.

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The Longest Day of Summer. One Lucky Day. Saturday 15Aug09 . 10 AM until midnight

The Longest Day of Summer_8_15

S1F Gallery
2404 Wilshire Boulevard #1F . Los Angeles CA 90057


The Longest Day of Summer . One Lucky Day
A.L. Steiner . Alvaro Perdices . Ashely Hunt . Atsushi Tameda . Betsy Seder . Blake Beshsharian . Charles Rosenberg . Connie Samaras . David Kelly . Dong Hoon Jun . Gabriel Park . Gary Nakamoto . Hyesook . S. Ian Song . Jason Chang . Jeannie Simms . Jen Smith . Job Piston . John Crotty . Josh Cho . Kate Hers . Katie Herzog . Kelly Coats . Koh Byoung Ok . Laura Splan . Laurel Frank . Lucas Michael . Margaret Honda . Maryrose Cobarrubias Mendoza . Matt Wardell . Max Miller . Michael Decker . Mike Saijo . Nathan Danilowicz . Nic Hess . Nicole Storm . Noritaka Minami . Nuttaphol Ma . Rainer Prohaska . Raymond Lee . Sunghong Min . Susan Choi . Tala Mateo . Uudam Nguyen . Viet Le . Yong Soon Min . Young Chung

“Restaurant Transformable” Performance by Rainer Prohaska / “Last Dance” unscheduled performance by Lucas Michael

Opening: 10am to midnight  . Saturday 15Aug09

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Closet Cases: Artists’ Self Portraits . Organised by Paul Evans . 01May – 28Jun 2009


4675 Hollywood Boulevard . Los Angeles . CA 90027


Closet Cases: Artists’ Self Portraits . Organised by Paul Evans
Sean Bradshaw . Paul Evans . Corina Gamma . Julie Goodwin .Lizzie Goodwin . Corrie Gregory . Ryan Hill . John Kieltyka . Donald Krieger .Midge Lynn . Nuttaphol Ma . Shaw Osha . Christopher Pennock . Lisa Ruyter . Linda Sena . Michael Slimmer . Carl Smith . Jordan Steinberg . Laura Sharp Wilson . Karen Frimkess Wolff . Jeremy Yoder . Liz Young

Closet Cases features drawings by 22 artists, each a self portrait on notepad paper and index cards. Housed in Happy’s small yet pristine changing room, Closet Cases brings together artists of different styles and genres to exploit and celebrate the simple act of drawing. 

01 May – 28 Jun 2009
Reception . Friday 01 May 6p-9p

Hours . Monday-Saturday 11a-7p . Sunday 12p-5p
Tel. 323.661.2200 

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LA 2019 Cults, Collectives & Cocooning . Curated by Ciara Ennis . 02May – 26Jun 2009


18th Street Art Center
 1639 18th Street . Santa Monica . CA 90404


LA 2019 Cults, Collectives & Cocooning . Curated by Ciara Ennis
Cathy Akers . Heather Cantrell . Fallen Fruit . Olga Koumoundouros . Nuttaphol Ma . Jason Middlebrook . Bede Murphy . Machine Projects w/Jim Fetterley . William Ransom . Stephanie Smith/WSAC . Joel Tauber 

Featuring 2009 Artist Fellow . Nuttaphol Ma.  Nuttaphol will transform part of the main gallery into a lemongrass tearoom made from the lemongrass planted in and around 18 Street Art Center.

02 May – 26 Jun 2009
Reception . Saturday 02 May 6p-9p

Gallery Hours . Monday – Friday 10a – 6p
Tel . 310.453.3711


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in the red . 04may – 08may 2009


Claremont Graduate University East Gallery 
251 East 10th Street . Claremont . CA 91711


Nuttaphol Ma . 秉宏 
   in the red

04 May – 08 May 2009
Reception . Tuesday 05 May 6p-9p

Gallery Hours . Monday – Friday 10a-5p
Tel . 909.621.8071

‘in the red’ adapts the essence of Nuttaphol’s ancestral house in Southern China – a house which he spent two years documenting – to the present gallery space.  ‘in the red’ translates the romantic documentation to the reality.  Within the installation, Nuttaphol uses everyday materials to build the house.  They are hand crafted pallets made from cedar wood used to build fences, masking tape, light and chinese restaurant paper trays.  It is the artist’s American Shangri La.

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